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    United States Funeral Transfer Operations

    United States Funeral Transfer Operations

    For the deceased citizens of the United States, documents from the Turkish authorities must be obtained as part of the US funeral procession in Turkey, as well as the US Consulate funeral approval. The primary document that is required to carry out funeral transfers abroad is the death certificate. The death certificate may be issued by different institutions or authorized persons depending on the place and form of death. For issuing a death certificate for the deceased US person for natural reasons at home, the relevant municipality should be called, and a physician should be requested. The incoming medical examiner certifies death and issues a death certificate for the relevant person. The hospital representative issues the death certificate for the US citizen who died in the hospital for natural reasons.

    If the death occurs because of a judicial incident, the relevant Public Prosecutor’s Office shall issue a death certificate after the funeral has been transferred to the Forensic Medicine Institution for examination. The death certificate issued for US funeral transfers should include passport information and the cause and location of death of the deceased. If death occurs due to an infectious disease, it must be included in the death certificate for the US funeral services.

    How to Perform Funeral Transfers to America?

    The death certificate can be obtained by a first-degree relative of the deceased citizen of the United States of America or by a person authorized by him. Death must be reported by the Community Health Center to the Civil Registry Directorate within 10 days at the latest. Within the scope of US funeral operations, it is required to obtain the formula C document (multilingual death certificate) from the civil registry office. The document in question is to be submitted to the customs office. It is obligatory to obtain a road permit to transport the body of a deceased US citizen abroad.

    The document in question is obtained by applying to the relevant municipality. A death certificate is required by the relevant municipality to issue a road permit. Another process that needs to be done within the scope of the US funeral transfer process is the preparation of the embalming report. Embalming is the process of washing, cleaning and disinfecting the body of the deceased citizen of the United States of America. The report for this procedure was mandated by the customs directorate and by some airline companies to be dispatched

    For the body to be transported abroad, approval of the US Consulate is required. The death certificate and passport information of the deceased must be submitted for the said approval. After the death is confirmed by the US Consulate, the US funeral transfer arrangements are approved.

    About Customs and Airway Transport Transactions

    After obtaining all the necessary documents, they must be submitted to the relevant customs office to transport the body to its country. The required documents must be submitted by making a verbal declaration to the customs office. Documents requested by the customs office are given below

    • Death certificate
    • Formula C (multilingual death certificate)
    • Embalming report
    • Road permit

    After the documents listed above are submitted to the customs office, the body must be delivered to the airline company to be sent. When delivered, the death certificate and the approval obtained from the consulate must be submitted to the relevant airline company. Certain conditions are required by the airlines for the admission of the funeral. It is required that the coffin be produced from metallic zinc, solid wood or lead. At the same time, when the funeral is delivered, the coffin must be wrapped in a canvas or sack so that it is invisible.

    The coffin should be effective against bad odor and leakage. If a citizen of the United States of America whose body is to be sent abroad dies due to an infectious disease, this situation must be included in the death certificate. At the same time, the lid should be soldered and closed after the coffin is controlled.

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