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    UK Funeral Transfer Operations

    UK Funeral Transfer Operations

    UK Funeral Transfer Operations, There are activities that need to be carried out within the scope of funerary transfers in England. In this context, documents issued by Turkish public offices and the approval of the funeral of the British consulate must be obtained. For funeral services in the UK, it is mandatory to obtain the death certificate from the relevant health institution or authorized persons and the formula c document (multi-lingual death certificate) issued by the civil registry and obtain the consulate approval. All documents must be received, and the procedures must be carried out in full and accurately in order to transfer the funeral of the deceased british citizen abroad.

    Obtaining the death and formula c certificate

    The first transaction to transfer the deceased British citizen to his country is to obtain the death certificate. In the absence of a death certificate, the funeral cannot be sent abroad. A death certificate is mandatory for the provision of other required documents. For the deceased British citizen, the death certificate may be issued by different institutions or authorized persons depending on the type and location of death. If death occurs at home and for natural reasons, the municipality of the district where the death took place must be called and a doctor should be requested.

    The doctor assigned by the municipality confirms that the death has occurred and issues a death certificate for the deceased. If the death occurred in the hospital due to natural causes, the hospital shall issue a death certificate by the authorized physician. If the death was due to judicial incidents, the public prosecutor’s office at the place where the death occurred may issue a death certificate. If any examination is to be conducted by the forensic medicine institution, the relevant institution shall issue the death certificate.

    In the death certificate issued within the scope of funerary transfers in the UK, passport information and death status and location of the deceased British citizen must be indicated. In the event that death occurs as a result of an infectious disease, this condition must be printed on the death certificate. This is checked by the customs directorate and the airline companies to be sent.

    After the death certificate is drawn up by the relevant health institution, the relevant institution notifies the civil registry office. The formula C document issued after the notification must be received within the scope of the funeral services in England. The formula C document can be obtained from the relevant civil registry office.

    Obtaining the road transfer document and execution of procedures – UK funeral transfer operations

    For funerary transfers in the UK, a road permit is also required. This document is required for the funeral to be carried. The document can be obtained by applying to the relevant municipality with a death certificate.  The road permit is included in the documents requested by the customs directorate.

    To carry out the funeral transfer belonging to the deceased British citizen, embalming procedures must also be completed. Embalming means washing, disinfecting and cleaning the body of the deceased British citizen. You can have this procedure done by applying to the relevant cemetery offices. A report must be prepared after the embalming process. The said report is submitted to the customs office.

    Getting consular approval in the scope of UK funeral transfer procedures

    The british consulate gives the approval of funerals for the transfer of the funeral belonging to the deceased British citizen. The aforementioned approval is given after the consulate confirms the death. The documents required for approval are the passport and death certificate of the deceased British citizen. Consulate approval is submitted to the airline company to be sent.

    Customs clearance and funeral delivery to airline

    After obtaining all the necessary documents, some documents must be submitted to the customs office in order for the funeral transfer to take place. These documents are listed below.

    • Death certificate
    • Road permit
    • Embalming report
    • Formula C (multilingual death certificate)

    The above documents must be submitted to the relevant customs office in full. After the necessary procedures for the transfer of the funeral are made by the customs directorate, the funeral and the documents related to the funeral are delivered to the airline company. Death certificate and UK consulate funeral approval are required by the airline companies.

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